Austin makes top 10 list

Austin once again makes a top 10 list, and this time it’s for being one of the best places to invest. This means you should diversify your retirement and buy real estate in Austin.

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15 responses to “Austin makes top 10 list”

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  2. Apartment Reviews(new comment) says:

    There is no doubt that Austin houses some of the hottest real estate properties to invest in. The Salado at Walnut Creek, Mission Tanglewood, Wildcreek Apartments, Tramor @ Hunter’s Glen, Madison at the Arboretum, Riverton at Davis Springs, and Volente Villas are most rated apartments and villas over the web. However, the list doesn’t ends here. So, its no surprise that Austin has made it to the Top 10. In fact, there are several options for potential buyers to invest in.

  3. Colts Neck Real Estate(new comment) says:

    I hear that Austin is seeing tremendous growth and emmigration from places like NJ, lol. How is the luxury market?

  4. property in Dubai(new comment) says:

    Thanks Austin,
    After retirement we really need a great amount so as we can make a world trip– it is my personal wish not applicable to all– so it is a great source for making a rationale investment decision.

  5. Westchester hardwood flooring(new comment) says:

    Yes, Austin is such a great city and everyone who I know who lives there or has moved there absolutely loves it. If I were to move to Texas, Austin would be the place, and I am hoping to visit sometime in the next year and stay with friends.

  6. Mike Woods from Carmel(new comment) says:

    I love Austin. It’s not too big, and it’s easy to get around IMO. Plus, it’s a very clean city, and very well laid-out.

  7. Poul David(new comment) says:

    Thanks to the Austin for your useful article. It is most important matter for us that where is the proper place we can invest our money. Now I get lot of place to invest my money. I have lot of idle money but I can’t trust any one or any investment place. It is the just time to invest my money for your instruction. I am grateful for your post.

  8. condo investment(new comment) says:

    yeah! really useful article this will help a lot of people who wants to invest on real estate, because of this they could spend wisely where to go and buy house or lots

  9. Stephen Young(new comment) says:

    I loved Austin when I visited the city for business in November. I will most certainly be back.

  10. Sydney(new comment) says:

    Thanks for a great post! Austin sounds like a great place to live and certainly great place to invest in real estate.

  11. Andi James for short sale(new comment) says:

    Yes, agree. Austin is becoming bigger and bigger in terms of economy, I have heard about this last year. It is good to invest to places that don’t belong to top 3. Choose places to invest which are consistent in top 10.

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  13. Apartments to let in Sandton(new comment) says:

    Austin also has one of the best crime free areas, as far as I know it keeps dropping.

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