Why you need to move to Texas

Why do people often say Texas is its own country? Job growth could be one factor. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Texas cities continue to lead the country in jobs. The Lone Star State’s beautiful capital – Austin – takes the top spot with four other Texas cities following.

Moral of this story? You need to contact me to find you a home in Texas!

For more info on Texas job growth, visit http://governor.state.tx.us/news/press-release/17068/.

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  1. I’m a 4th generation Texan currently living in Georgia (over 20 years now). Georgia is a beautiful and historically interesting state, but I can not wait until I can move back to Texas!!

    Austin is a wonder place and I’d certainly consider it a top choice when I retire!

  2. Austin and Dallas are two the beautiful cities to live in Texas, United States. With more people relocating to Texas, the real estate industry has recorded a growth in the recent years. In fact, people are looking for different types of real estate properties in Texas including apartments, villas, short term rentals and so on. In such a scenario, its always important to look for proper information on the properties to get the best deal.

  3. It is very interesting to see that Texas is leading the U.S. for job growth, which is a very clear indication that it is paving the way for economic recovery. Surely all other cities and states should take note of Austin, and the other major cities in Texas. This could not only be something the rest of the U.S. have to learn but also the rest of the world. It would be interesting to see the correlation between job creation and the property market within Texas to see if the state also leads the way in terms of development projects and real estate price rises.

  4. Look at the top5 cities creating and sustaining jobs and economic growth in 2010. 4 cities from TX..Amazing

    2011 2010
    1 14 San Antonio, TX MSA
    2 9 El Paso, TX MSA
    3 50 Fort Collins-Loveland, CO MSA
    4 2 Austin-Round Rock, TX MSA
    5 1 Killeen-Temple-Fort Hood, TX MSA

  5. As you know the job situation in Wisconsin is a matter of contention right now. The Gov says there are 30K+ new jobs and his opposition says the state has lost 5K jobs. Makes me want to move to Austin!

  6. I have heard great things about Austin. You surely get a lot more house for your dollar compared to the Berkeley market.

  7. Young, happy and smart — that’s three things that businesses like in their employees– making Austin an ideal place for companies to set up shop. Also business friendly.

  8. One big reason job growth is good in Texas is that the Texas population is always expanding due to an influx of immigrants. An expanding population generally is one that is conducive to job creation.

  9. This is great news for the local real estate market both residential and commercial and the local economy. It seems that at least in my market that when big businesses are hiring it breeds the need for more middle sized company positions and more mom and pops stores opening up.

  10. As the Broker of Record for Milestone Silver Realty Ltd. ; I am always interested in what other Real Estate practitioners have to say and what they are doing with their blogs and websites. Each year we spend the winter in Florida however after spending some time with this particular blog it seems that we ought to be considering Texas. As we all can appreciate: Real Estate continues to be “High Paying Hard Work and Low Paying Easy Work” Thanks for posting and thanks for allowing me to comment. Keep up the fine work.

  11. Yeah, my realtor cousin in Texas is doing quite well. Before I was a realtor I practiced law and the economics of an area makes a big difference for starting any sort of small business.

  12. 2yrs back I had to shift to Texas as I got a job in Texas. Earlier I lived at New Jersey and owned a house. Planned to sell my house before my moving to Texas but it was not possible to to the low prices prevailing there. I even consulted a real estate agent but it did not work out for me. Finally I singed a contract for 2yrs to rent the house. Hope everything goes well and I can sell my property at New Jersey.

  13. I have a friend in the Austin area and he says real estate and business is booming. My dad sells specialized construction materials and he has shipped quite a bit out to the Austin area. Happy to see business his great out that way. We are starting to move some dirt again here in Clermont, Florida. Hopefully we are on our way back up too!

  14. I think Texas is doing a little too good of a job attracting people–I know many many clients who have left our home here in The Great White North for greener, Texan pastures.

  15. I love the title of this post, it really caught my attention. And for people wanting to know more about moving to Texas, the job market is definitely something to draw them in.

  16. I have a few clients that maybe moving to the Texas area so I found your blog post on the search engines. I think the job market of the Texas area is really booming so as long as there’s motivation, you should get a lot more homebuyers in your area.

  17. Fill free to head over to our blog anytime you want and leave a message for the Savannah Georgia area. We know people are moving to this area as well and we all need a lot of relocation resources. All the best to you and your market

  18. Great title, of course I like to say, Why you need to move to Arizona. Of fcourse both states are growing, have affordable housing and a fairly low cost of living,

  19. Thanks for the interesting article. My only experiance was a daughter that took 2 years to sell in Austin, Of course, today we have a differt market

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    u can also visit my website for buy, sell as well as we are also having second-homes.

  21. Nothing beats Texas….it is its own country.no need to turn on the national news when it’s all on local….go Texas

  22. There are more reasons to move to Texas. It is one of the best city in the world..I like Texas and its Environment & Entertainments. So that No Doubt Texas is very good place to live.Enjoy Texas..!!

  23. The most reason of Texas is doing. Some of days my elder brother Texas is doing. Some of my friend lead a good life in Texas. So I like this post very much. i wish for you.

  24. Congrats! In Southwest Florida, we’ll also be experiencing job growth and better valued homes in local real estate due to the Hertz corporate headquarters moving to Estero. If anyone is interested in Bonita Bay real estate or luxury homes in the Bonita Springs, Naples or Estero areas of Florida, they should contact The Dillard Team, (239) 498-2888.

  25. Hi,
    It is very interesting to see that Texas is primarily the US. For task development, that is an extremely crystal clear indication that it is paving the opportunity for economic recuperation. Certainly all the cities and also states ought to take note of Austin, and the additional major cities in Texas. This may not just be something they take a rest of the US. Have to learn but additionally the take a rest of the world. I believe Houston is doing a little as well good quality of a job drawing people–I learn a large amount clients that has eventually left our home here in The Great Whitened North for eco-friendly, Texan pastures.

  26. Hello guys,
    The beautiful towns live in Texas, United States. With more people relocating to Texas, the real estate business features noted a year on year growth in the recent years. I could not wait until I could take back Texas!! I will be new to your blog and just loving it as the so useful or unique. Thanks in part for sharing or keep it up the awesome job.

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