Austin has been named one of the top 25 travel destinations by Travel & Leisure Magazine. The list was voted on by travelers. Austin was in the top five for several sub-categories, including:

  • nightlife
  • clubbing
  • happy hour
  • affordability
  • environmental awareness
  • cleanliness
  • public parks
  • athleticism
  • attractive people
  • friendliness
  • vintage shopping
  • wild weekend

Sounds like Austin has it all covered.

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CNN has an article about Austin in its America’s Favorite Cities section. It is a brief article that touches on all the great things about Austin. Great to see Austin getting more national recognition.

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According to Housing Predictor, Austin is going to be the #5 appreciating market in the country. What I like about this chart is that San Antonio is also on the list at #25. It is only a matter of time before Austin and San Antonio grow together along the I-35 corridor. They will eventually become a metroplex much like Dallas and Fort Worth. This means all the real estate in between has a great outlook. Yet another reason to buy in the Austin area.  Also of note is that 8 of the 25 markets are in Texas.  That means almost a third of the list resides right here in Texas

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Austin is the top city in the country for clean technology. They are really pushing for cleaner energy within city buildings and services. This is a welcome mat for forward-looking energy companies. All this means a cleaner city, more jobs and cheaper energy. Sounds good to me!

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Mueller Austin has settled on six builders that will provide a diverse choice of homestyles and price ranges. The builders are:

  • David Weekley Homes
  • Meritage Homes
  • The Muskin Company
  • Saldaña Homes LLP
  • Standard Pacific
  • Streetman

For full details, visit the Mueller site

Average Rating: 4.8 out of 5 based on 220 user reviews.

Beginning March 5th, you can apply to buy a home at the new Mueller Austin
development. The application period will run until April 30th. These homes will be ready for move-in by late 2007 or early 2008. This first section will include over 300 of the planned 2200 homes. Read the details of the application process.

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Spanish Oaks is an upscale community in Southwest Austin. It features what many consider the nicest golf course in Austin. It also features what will be one of the premiere country clubs in the nation. They currently have a temporary clubhouse and are working on the permanent facility. It will feature casual and fine dining, a full-service spa, salon, exercise center and full bar. A concierge service will also be available to handle such tasks as grocery shopping, dry-cleaning or trips to the airport. The invitation-only club requires that members own houses in the development.

The houses in Spanish Oaks are all upscale. View the beautiful homes that are currently for sale in Spanish Oaks.

Another interesting note: Spanish Oaks is a Firewise community. This means the developer worked with Wildland staff to make the community safer in the event of a wildfire.

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Austin is the fourth best housing market in the country according to Forbes Magazine. It states that Austin has a median home price of $175, 000 and prices have risen 5% from 2005-2006.

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It seems that a lot of the talk regarding the bubble may be all in the head. Many consumers are still able to buy a house but are choosing not to. This is in contrast to previous housing downturns where consumers simply couldn’t buy homes whether they wanted to or not.

I think this applies well to the Austin area. Sure, many people have inflated prices because they weren’t savvy buyers or they were novice investors. We have already seen the market slow down to correct these issues, but Austin isn’t going to stop growing and the demand for homes will keep increasing over time. I hate to burst your bubble, but I believe that the Austin market is not going to crash.

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