One of my client’s home was shown on KVUE last night.  I represented him when buying the house.  Patrick Easter, who you will see in the clip is the developer who built my client’s home and is placing another one next to it.

The story covers manufactured homes and the benefits they can provide.  One of the biggest misconceptions about manufactured homes is that they are all mobile homes and cheap.  This is simply not true.  Homes manufactured in a warehouse can be more efficient, built faster, and built better than many other homes since they are constructed in a controlled environment.  Many people are realizing this and that is why manufactured homes are growing in popularity.  Watch the story for more info.

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In my previous post, I mentioned the City of Austin’s proposed ordinance that would require sellers to obtain a certificate of compliance before selling their home.  Well, a lot of people have questions about this issue, so The Austin Board of Realtors has launched a new site at that will hopefully answer these questions and also allow you to inform your friends and neighbors.  So go take a look at the site and please share the information.

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