Villa Muse Project is Cancelled

Villa Muse, the large entertainment project, announced that it will look to build elsewhere instead of in East Austin.  They had been in discussions with the city to be removed from Austin’s ETJ but Austin ultimately decided against doing this.  Being out of the ETJ would have prevented Austin from annexing the land in the future. According to Mayor Wynn, the project could have moved only a few thousand feet and been out of the ETJ but ultimately they decided against this.  Hopefully, the project can be salvaged as I think it would be a great boon for the city.

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6 thoughts on “Villa Muse Project is Cancelled”

  1. I agree. With the economy struggling and people losing their homes every day you would think that the politicians we elected to serve the better good of the PEOPLE!!!!!!! would see what an incredible opportunity this COULD HAVE BEEN!! What a bunch of freaking IDIOTS!!!!!!! Thanks Will! You make us proud!! MORON!

  2. I was so excited about the Villa Muse project and so sad to hear about the cancellation. It could have added so much to our “Music Capital of the World”.

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