Trulia Blatantly Ignores Googles TOS – Cloaks Sites

Eric Bramlett, a local seo expert, discoverd that Trulia, a popular real estate search site, has been cloaking their partner pages.  This is clearly against Google’s TOS and there is a good chance they will get penalized by Google.  Well after eading his post, I did a little more snooping my self and found they […]

Armando Montelongo, So-called Real Estate Guru Has A Local Radio Ad – Be Wary!

Many of you may have heard a commercial on the radio recently by a guy named Armando Montelongo.  He is selling his instructional real estate materials.  He mentions that he appears on the A&E television show Flip This House. Well you should know that he is not all he is cracked up to be.  As […]

Awesome new PDF Plugin for Firefox

I used to use the PDF Browser Plugin from but it does not work on Intel Macs.  And since I have been on Intel Macs for a couple of years now, I have been very frustratetd with this situation.  Safari now has buil-in PDF viewing capabililty but Firefox has been lacking.  It is extremely […]