Passenger, Memory and mod_rewrite

Well, as I stated in my previous post, I enabled Passenger for my Austin Real Estate site.  Well, everything seemed fine for the first few days.  But then I noticed that my memory usage was steadily creeping up.  I killed my ruby processes and that helped but then it just started creeping up again.  After working with Dreamhost, they discovered there was a bug in that version of Passenger and they upgraded it for me and now my memory usage is much lower and holding steady.  However, I have another problem.  Apparently Passenger disables mod_rewrite.  This is fine since Passenger doeesn’t need it to run your Rails app.  However, I also had a wordpress instance on my domain.  I used a mod_rewrite to redirect users to the blog instead of Rails trying to interpret the url.  This no longer works and now my blog is dead.  I have several options to fix this.  After much deliberating, I have decided to move my Rails app to a subdomain,  I will keep the blog on the main domain as it has most of the content. So, all in all, I am still satisfied with Passenger, but it does pay to do a little research before making major changes to your site.

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  1. See passenger docs, you can easily enable mod_rewrite. Is is disabled by default because Rails applications by defailt have .htaccess pointing to dispatch.cgi or whatever.

    I use rewrite with passenger, works just fine.

  2. Always fun to update, and realizes that the default have changed. I’ve run things for quite some time before realizing the intended effect wouldn’t take hold because an update disabled my old settings.

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