Armando Montelongo, So-called Real Estate Guru Has A Local Radio Ad – Be Wary!

Many of you may have heard a commercial on the radio recently by a guy named Armando Montelongo.  He is selling his instructional real estate materials.  He mentions that he appears on the A&E television show Flip This House. Well you should know that he is not all he is cracked up to be.  As they say, Buyer Beware!  He has been indicted right here in Travis County for Fraud and has had his own share of foreclosure troubles.

Here are a few mentions of him around the web:

Flip This Lawsuit is a site containing a lot of information regarding the Montelongos and their relationship with the show and its former cast.  This post in particular is very interesting.

Here is an article from the SA Express reagarding his indictment.

109 thoughts on “Armando Montelongo, So-called Real Estate Guru Has A Local Radio Ad – Be Wary!”

  1. i cannot believe these crooked seminars are still around and that they havent been legally shut down…i cringe to think how many innocent people are targets of this scam shame on all those involved who know what they are doing!!!!!


  2. i am currently fighting to get my money back!!! this is a TOTAL SCAM!!!! unfreakinbelievable. I never fall for these things and for some reason I did. There has to be something that can be done!!!!

  3. unfortunately i was in the same will never get it back they cover themselves int he fine print and with their delay tactics…

    hope you have better success than i had

    contact me if you find a way to get back any monies

  4. We need to get together and file a civil suit against him!!!! I read somewhere that the Secretary of State of Nevada (I believe) would persue the case if we got enough people together. I will look it up and forward to you.

  5. Yes yes,
    I have gone to the seminar and they dont even want to answer questions. And they paid for our lunches the so called mentors which was great. But when ever you would ask them a question it would be BUS BUS BUS TOUR BUS VEGAS. AND MOST OF THE TIME THEY POSTED LITTLE VIDEOS TO KEEP YOU DISTRACTED AND OCCUPIED WHILE THEY TOOK BREAKS. THE MENTORS ARE PRE-TRAINED AND ARE LITTLE ROBOTS TO TELL YOU “GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE” AND LIVE LIKE HOW MILLIONARES LIVE. Bus tour added up one year of my mortgage payments. DONT GET SCAMMED.!!

  6. hey guys, im disgusted about what im hering because i just recently paid for the 3-day class, but i was wondering if hes such a scam, then whats plan B to flip houses and make money because thats the main goal here.

  7. Yeah me and my bf spent 2000.00 for a workshop without any questions and mostly about a thirty thousand bus tour in minniapolis.

  8. Gee i am so glad i did not do it t for tis week end coming. He even has the old rapper Vanilla Ice promoting with him in the Fort Lauderdale area of Florida. They say Vanilla made over 16 million from Armondos training over the last 16 years.
    Maybe he did come from nothing and I give Armondo that. But to dowhat he is still doing and being fradulant is nit right in any state. Thank You for the Tip.

    Armondo if you read this- you contact me tell me I do not have to pay for anything until my first deal that yields at least 30 k I will put that in writing, and then lets see if we can clear up your negative actions. I will give you this chance. Why? Because I believe in giving second chances like I did with my students.
    Some of you may say am crazy but if I get everything he promises and he does this, then he can make changes for the better.
    So Armondo are you going to take the challenge from me? Only you are only the one I want to hear from. No one else.Contact me through Linked In or Facebook with proper verificaion. Scammers beware, I have the connections and means to take care of ????

  9. What a friikiin looser i seen this on an infomercial sayin it was all free and everything to order tikets to his seminar and by the time i grabbed my phone it was over so i tried to look the number up online and found this. im just glad i didin tht get scammed outa any money by this prick thanks to you guys. Thank you.

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