Austin Tops Forbes List of Best-Value Cities

Austin is #1 on the Forbes list of cities where you get the most bang for your buck.  Forbe’s used five factors to determine their list.  Here are the factors with Austin’s ranking for each:

Job Growth Projections Rank: 1

Inflation Rank: 24

Median House Price/Median Household Income Rank: 8

Median Income/Cost of Living Index Rank: 5

Gas Prices Rank: 9

Not surprisingly, San Antonio follows on the list at #2.  Read the full article to see the complete list.

24 thoughts on “Austin Tops Forbes List of Best-Value Cities”

  1. Can Austin bring us out from the economy crisis? Even rescue us from falling into recession? Hope the state can be exceptional while recessing hitting us.

  2. @warren I hope so. So far Texas has held up very well. Hopefully other areas will turn around sooner rather than later.

  3. Glad to see your city made the list!

    That’s amazing that the only west coast city that was listed was Portland, OR? Even though Las Vegas wasn’t listed, you can bet Vegas will be making a strong come back over the next few years with the major strip expansion that will be creating over 100K jobs!

  4. So that means now I have to seek a place in Austin 😀 Really I agree with the forbes list as they considered the factors which really needed attention

  5. I have got to get out to Austin one of these days. I hear it’s an amazing place. That’s cool you made #1 for job growth rate projections. Last year I believe Phoenix was #1 for non agricultural job growth. Who are your primary employers there? I think it’s Walmart in AZ now 🙁

  6. @Barry, the university is one of the largest employers and other than that it is mostly tech although we are starting to diversify lately

  7. Must be nice to rank so high. Here in the Metro Detroit area we are probably one of the least desired places to live right now. Ouch! Imagine trying to sell a home out here.

  8. Austin is a very beautiful city and keeps growing. It is amazing how much the city has grown in the past 20 years. It seems like every time I see the city it has changed from the last time.

  9. Austin is a great place to live. The weather usually cooperates and gives us more blue skies than gray. There are a multitude of outside activities to partake in, and finding a spot to hear some live music is easy. There are several high tech companies, excellent hospitals and schools, and housing is more affordable here than other parts of the country. You can tell that I like it here.

  10. Braxton, I don’t know too much about Austin, but trying to investigate as I work with some investors looking for deals in high growth markets. What type of job opportunity is coming? I heard about expanding businesses. Any big one’s?

  11. After reading the full article and the comments posted in response to it, it seems that there is no solid agreement as to how good or bad this area is. Austin is a larger town so it’s numbers are going to be higher than other smaller cities, but do these high numbers mean that the city is actually a better place to live?

  12. Beside the history of Austin, I did notice how clean and nice it was there. I was there about 7 years ago for a few days and I enjoyed Austin a lot. I tend to agree with this.

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