Austin Area Roads To Be Improved By Federal Stimulus Bill

The Texas Transportation Commission has decided to spend $1.s billlion to move forward on several area road projects. These projects include:

  • flyover bridges at U.S. 290 and U.S. 183
  • a new I-35 bridge in Buda
  • the widening of FM 1460 in Round Rock

So it appears there is some good news to this mess we’re in. Read the details.

11 thoughts on “Austin Area Roads To Be Improved By Federal Stimulus Bill”

  1. Austin needs highway help as we do here in Fort Worth as well! Hopefully they do it soon and do more also!

  2. Does Austin have anymore room for any new highways. I just left there. It is so spread out. We had to drive 15 miles to find a fast food place on morning before we had to fish.

  3. That is a little good news for the local economy.It will add some more jobs and the money will get funnel down to other business in the area. I wish they would start more of these types of projects.

    A little history note. Projects like these were start on a grand scale when FDR took office back in the days of the Great Depression. Back then it create millions of jobs and put food on the table for many American Families.

    Hopefully, these types of project will drive a recovery soon.

  4. Maybe this is the money the federal government took back from Austin a couple of years ago, during the toll road projects. 🙂 Now if we can just get all of the deadly truckers off the I-35, we’ll be in business! ~Brandon

  5. Hooray for Obamoney!
    Also my captcha was Slightly Ferret, which should be a character in an old cartoon, hehe!

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