I Wish All My Clients Were As Prepared As This

I was browsing Ben Maurer’s Blog because he helped write the useful reCAPTCHA plugin that I use on my blog.  Then I came across his post Wanted: Temporary Palo Alto Housing

How cool is that.  A map of exactly where he wants to be and info on the property he needs.  That is a great way to pinpoint your property search.  Now if only every client was that tech-savvy.

13 thoughts on “I Wish All My Clients Were As Prepared As This”

  1. Is it just me, or is there irony in how much spam that page has? I’m with you, though. I wish my clients would do that kind of research.

  2. It seems that you are a creative self motivated person. I am looking for people who may wish to improve their financial situations. If it applies contact me via email – if not good luck and kick your client’s butts.

  3. Be careful what you wish for. If all of your clients did that kind of research, soon they wouldn’t need you! Well, at least they wouldn’t need you as much.

  4. That’s pretty amazing, it seemed like the guy was younger and in school…may be a preview into what agents can expect to see in the next few years.

    There will always be a certain number of people that find value in having a professionals opinion, I’m positive buyers will become better researchers, but they’ll always need guidance.

  5. I have a real estate classifieds website and get recommendations on functions and usability all the time. This is one of the requests I get. Some buyer knows where he/she wants to live down to every detail but needs to link that to a realtor’s inventory. Makes sense really, buyers these days are well informed because of online listings.

  6. Its not a big matter for a client to prepare a requirement list. But the agent or broker must know how to meet the client’s particular requirements..They should know which neighborhoods will best fit clients’ needs and budgets. The agents must follow their client’s instructions carefully and may have to present counteroffers to get the best possible price. We’ll lose our clients if we fails to meet their needs.

  7. For this type of request you better have a great MLS IDX map search feature. Seems like they are getting better at this on a monthly basis. I wouldn’t be surprised if more and more people narrow down to specific areas like this.

  8. I believe this may be the new wave of the future in years to come. What I am finding now is that clients or customers always hold back their thoughts. It’s the real estate agents job to ask as many questions as possible to find the proper home.

  9. I love when my clients are prepared. Many these days have it narrowed down to the school they want their kids to attend. This makes it so easy. Send them the homes available in their price range and start shopping. Of course, we still get the buyers that want to be setup on a email home search for every area and every home between $200,00 – $500,000. I send them an email telling them that they are going to get way too many listings sent their way, and I would love to help them narrow it down. Sure enough, they don’t respond and opt out of the search after a week or two. Lol

  10. You know it’s funny – here in Nanaimo where we live, there NO good websites and not even a consolidated IDX or broker reciprocity – I have wanted so many times to just up any build a scraper or something just so I can have a positive home finding experience – Realtors should be investing in tools to generate these kinds of requests for their customers – but it’s always cool when someone goes above and beyond like that.

  11. Thats really cool! I cant believe how much spam is on that site though! I know its not many people but who on earth posts so many random pages stuffed with links!?!?! the actual map part thogh is very clever!

  12. Very true, life would be much easier if all clients were this prepared and informed as this client is. I think its to the client’s advantage to be informed and know what they want, so they can offer suggestions to the Realtor.

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