9 thoughts on “Falcon Point Ranch Lot for Sale for $44k below cost”

  1. Wow Great news! Its an excellent place. I know the waters of San Antonio Bay held more fish and waterfowl than any other bay along the Texas coast. San Antonio Bay have numerous lakes and offer excellent shoreline wadefishing over clear, hard sand bottoms. The area is known to attract good numbers of redfish.

  2. not much know about it.. but i like to read this article thanks for sharing

    i’m alfon from indonesia

  3. Heard about this from Bramlett’s site. Sounds like an interesting venture. Wherever your client’s money is going must be earning a tremendous ROI. I hope you’ve gotten your client to sign all the necessary disclosures to protect yourself.

  4. @Steve, he is a long time client of mine and a friend so I am ok. Yes, he has some other great opportunities so he is ready to move it.

  5. This is an incredibily expesive lot even at 130k compared to land values in Manitowoc, WI. Just the discounted price of the lot alone is more than a 1900 sq ft ranch in a good neighborhood in my market place.

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