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I recently had a listing for a client down on the Texas Coast.  The property was a very niche resort property that catered to hunters/fishers.  It was an empty home lot and the developer still had lots of their own to sell.  So, with the current market and the uniqueness of the property, I knew that the best chance to sell the property would be to grab the attention of someone who was already familiar with the development and already looking in that area.  There was no way we were going to be able to out-market the developer.  So since my seller was willing to sell at a great price, I went with an almost strictly internet marketing campaign.  I immediately setup a property-specific website for the listing.  I then wrote about it as well as my broker.  Since I was trying to rank the site for pretty specific keywords and didn’t have much competition, the site started to rank very quickly on Google, it was third on the list.  I made sure to make the title of the page mention that we were selling below developer’s cost.  So when someone searched for our keywords, they immediately saw in Google’s results that we had a lot for sale in the area they were looking for and at a better price.  Well, within a few weeks, I got a call from someone who said he had been looking for a lot in that area and came across my site and decided to give me a call.  Within 30 minutes we had struck a deal and three weeks later we closed.  It was a win-win for everybody.

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  1. Nice post thank you. SEO done wisely really helps to real estate businesses. I think SEO with the combination of Social Networking and Social Bookmarking creates remarkable results. What do you think? Before jump into SEO, I think the one should have detailed SEO plan in order to achieve desired results.

  2. I work hard with SEO and keyword for every property I have for sale. The title and description is your internet advert. If you also put some intern links from similarly properties can you get it up on the first page on Google very easy. In Sweden starts over 95% of all sale by internet.

  3. Great post! I agree on you, same thing with what I’m doing right now with my real estate websites. Since that I’m competing locally with just basic SEO like bookmarking, site directory submission, forum etc., added with well-written descriptions on every pages and proper tags and you will see in about a month or two you’ll be on the top of Google search engine search results pages.

  4. I totally agree with you regarding SEO as an effective medium for Internet marketing greatly helps in selling a home online.

  5. Internet is a great help today to promote the real estate market open. Thanks for the post

  6. We’ve just started this for each listing and have found that more than anything is provides us greater exposure for leads. Really a great way to gain more niche traffic on the internet while providing a value added service to a client. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  7. This is an excellent example of SEO done right with a closed deal as the reward. IMC can be very effective as long as monitor your online presence and choose the right keywords. Well done!

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