Austin Listed For Its Great City Water

Austin made yet another top ten list when it appeared at #7 in the list of cities with the best water.  I have always heard people talk about Austin’s water quality but never really knew where it stood overall.  It is just another reason Austin is such a great place to live.

25 thoughts on “Austin Listed For Its Great City Water”

  1. Great idea to use a unique URL and load it with specific key words. I have started to use the same strategy for selling real estate in Canada and it is working!

  2. Great to here about Austin!

    The town I am from in North GA actually had water so good they bottled it!

  3. Good publicity for the Austin area. We have many clients relocating to Moraira so good publicity like this is helpful to an individual market. Is the same for your market? Are many people moving into Austin or does local movement make up a significant proportion of your sale activity?

  4. It certainly helps when you can take pride in your market area and Austin fits that bill. From what I have read the water being of high quality is just the tip of the ice burg when it comes to living in Austin, no pun intended.

  5. Austin is one of my favorite cities, and I’m amazed at the amount of PR-worthy news constantly coming out about your market. I coach all my students to stay on top of exactly these types of developments so they can blog about them and attract home buyers, exactly as you did here.

  6. Austin should also be listed for it’s great Tex-Mex…especially Chewies. I live in a Jupiter, Florida where there is good water too, but I still stay away from tap water. Although I am probably doing more damage drinking out of plastic bottles :(. I went to TCU in Ft. Forth and Austin was always one of my favorite cities….I love Marble Falls!

  7. I have a nephew that live in Austin and is absolutely in low with the water there. He has lived in both Austin Texas and clearwater the city that I live and work in and says Austin beats out clearwater hands down. Clearwater is a beautiful city with beautiful water so Austin must be stiff competition.

  8. Always good to hear good things about Austin. Really a great city that always seems to have a lot going for it. I am very fortunate to do business here.

  9. They should bottle the water if it is that good, nothing as horrible as drinking tasteless water when you are dying for some water

  10. Quality water makes quality life. What I’ve heard about Austin is that a good and greenest place I’ve ever discovered. What a nice place to live… 🙂

  11. I love Austin. I have visited a couple of times. Great accomplishment being listed in the Top 10 for City Water. I imagine that helps in pushing Austin’s green movement as it strives to become of of the most environmentally friendly cities in the nation. I imagine they have already incorporated this into the cities marketing plan as they attract more young talent for jobs and overall lifestyle. Congrats!

  12. Austin is definitely a nice city. I visited there last year to see my sister and nephew. We went on a Seway tour of the Capital. It was the first time I had ever been on one but it was surprisingly easy to learn. Anyway, nice to know they have good water.

  13. Water is a basic commodity but clean and good water is a precious commodity, especially in the real estate business. I have a friend who’s moving into Austin with her family and kids,so this is great news for her. Thanks for the info….great post!

  14. Water is one of the necessity of all people in the world! Austin place is so blessed that they have abundant water supply.

  15. Really Austin is a place where every one want to live. Very nice place.

  16. WOW…Austin is really taking home the awards this year. That’s fantastic news for your city and excellent marketing data for your local posts. I’m sure anyone moving to Austin would love to know their drinking water is some of the safest in the nation.

  17. I agree if the water is that good they should bottle it and sell it on, great business idea that.

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