Careful if Using Google Voice and Skype Together

I recently got a SkypeIn number.  I also have a Google Voice(GV) number.  I thought this would be the perfect marriage.  When I am working at my computer I can just have Skype up and running and any calls to my GV number would ring my Skype number.  Then I could answer the call without ever taking my hands off the computer.  And it was great when I had Skype running.  But what I didn’t know was that when you don’t have Skype running, it’s voicemail kicks in.  This meant that all my GV calls that I didn’t answer personally went to Skype voicemail and so GV’s voicemail never took effect.  So I never knew I was getting the voicemails.  I had this setup going for over a week and had no idea what was going on.  Where were all my voicemails?  I finally figured it out the next time I logged into Skype and saw my huge list of voicemails.

So I did a little Googling and found a few solutions.  You can turn on call presentation in GV which is a nuisance when you are answering the call.  You can also set Skype to forward the calls back to GV, however this costs extra.

I decided to disable the Skype number as one of my GV lines for now.  But I have enabled call presentation to get used to it.  After a few days I will reenable the Skype number and all should be good to go again.  Oh, and I also enabled email notification for Skype voicemail so I am notified if someone does happen to end up at my Skype voicemail.

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  1. I got a Google Voice number and programmed it to forward to my cell. Strangely, it started intercepting calls that were made to my cell phone and not the Google Voice number, so I stopped using it. Hopefully the problem will be fixed soon because I like the concept of having a number that follows you no matter where you go–kind of like having a web-based email address.

  2. Technology, don’t you love it. I have a Google Voice account which was working out great, but for the last couple of months people have been having problems getting through using the Google number. Because of this I had to revert back to my Verizon number and up the number of minutes on my account.

  3. I love my Google Voice number. I work in two neighboring zip codes with two different types of clients and it is a real benefit to me to have both numbers with only one phone. I don’t have a Skypein number and not sure I need it but thanks for the heads up!

  4. I use this setup with a Skpe-in number and it works great. I added the missing piece, a Skype wi-fi phone. I got the IPEVO SO-20 and it rocks. My skype is ‘always on’ and voice mail is off so all messages go to GV. Also you get the Skype-in number for half off when you pay for a full year and you have a subscription. Unlimited US calling is $3 a month so for about $6 a month total I get a full featured home phone with voicemail, texting, etc.

  5. I setup Google Voice last week but didn’t like that I had to get another number so shut it back down. Had I been able to keep my existing phone number I saw the potential benefits of using it.

  6. very nice article. I am often use skype and google voice together. Thank you so much for sharing nice information. I will be keep in mind next time. I will also share this information with my friends.

  7. @WarnerRobinsRealEstate
    Hey, you can port your existing number to Google Voice!!! Meaning you can keep your existing phone number!!!

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