What Can Real Estate Agents Learn From Vogelkop Bowerbirds

You’re probably wondering what a Vogelkop Bowerbird is.  I had never heard of them either until I saw them on Life, the latest Discovery Channel series.  In this particular episode, they profile these Bowerbirds.  The Bowerbirds win their mate by decorating their nest in different styles.  Each bird uses different ‘knick-knacks’ from around the forest to create their own style.  They are competing with several other birds in the ‘neighborhood’ doing the same thing. So whoever comes up with the nicest, most attractive nest wins the buyer, I mean mate.  So it appears the Vogelkop Bowerbirds are the original stagers.  Maybe we could learn a lesson or two from these veterans, although I recommend leaving the deer dung outside.

I couldn’t find a way to embed the video here so you will have to go check it our for yourself.

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  1. A lesson in seduction from the Barry White of the bird world. The male Vogelkop bowerbird is a master of attracting a mate and getting her in the mood for love.i would like you give me a right to repost your info with a link to your site?

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  5. Agents and sellers alike could learn from Bowerbirds. But sellers, most particularly, often need to learn how to make their property more attractive – not only in appearances (curb appeal), but in function, state of repair and even the terms they might accept that will make it easier to sell.

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