Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!

As everyone knows, more jobs means more housebuyers.  As jobs grow, consumer confidence grows.  So not only will people have more income to spend but also will be less reluctant to spend it.  Well, fortunately, Austin is once again on the top-ten list of job growth.  With 14, 300 new jobs in the past year, they land at #6 on the list.  And if you look at percentage growth, they are actually #1 on the list.  Hopefully, for the sake of agents and current homeowners this pattern will continue.

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  1. That’s good news for Austin, hopefully everything will begin to settle down and the economy will slowly but surely recover. Stay positive!

  2. Braxton couldn’t agree with you more on your insight here. Government sector doesn’t create jobs. Ooops did I say that out loud. Keep up the great work

  3. That is great news! Austin hasn’t really seen the hit that most other cities have anyways. Last one in and first one out! Hook ’em!

  4. Its nice to hear that Austin is increasing its job growth. I just hope that our country would increase not just the job growth but as well the earnings of every workers:)

  5. Way to go Austin! Jobs are what the economy needs. I’m hearing rumblings coming Mexico – That the
    Car companies no longer think it’s a safe place! That’s good news for All car manufacturers.

  6. Congratulation to the good position on the list, let Austin be the locomotive for jobs in U.S. and show the rest of U.S. have they have to do it.

  7. Austin has truly been a healthier job market than most and you are SO right, that does boost homeownerhship. Congratulations on your ranking! We are a bit insulated in Northwest Florida given our military jobs – a major Navy Base and Air Force Base – and the strong health care sector.

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  8. Without a doubt the job numbers have a direct effect on the local real estate market. We’ve seen decent home sales here in Minneapolis and I seen from the list you referenced that we’re number 12 on the jobs list. Lets hope the federal government can push us all in the right direction to get the unemployment rate down and hopefully improve the real estate market across the country. A lot of the problems with real estate right now seems to be a national fear.

  9. Washington keeps talking about jobs but not enough about the housing market. I really do not believe they understand how much our industry affects so many people in the food chain. So yes jobs will help real estate sales but a better housing market and activity will also get the ball rolling in the job market too.


  10. We hope the grown pattern continues as well. Lately we’ve been a bit worried about rising interest rates and if that will turn away more buyers. Everything trickles down in the real estate industry from agents to home improvement contractors to insurance agents. Great post though and glad to see Austin up there!

  11. Luckily here in Huntsville, we weren’t hit as hard as the rest of the country. Much like Austin, we have a lot of entrepreneurs and thriving businesses abound. While I agree with the comment above about the government sector not driving a lot of new jobs, here, as a tech hub, there are countless government contractor small businesses, and without the govt’s needs, a lot of private sector businesses would be out of business here.

  12. We are fortunate here in Warner Robins GA to be home to one of the 3 Air Force Depots which provides a steady flow of military, civilians, and contractors coming/going to/from the area.

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  14. Congrats on being in the top ten! That is great news for the Austin economy. Hope that will help fuel a turn around in the real estate industry there.

  15. We are now just seeing some of the higher paying jobs come back to LA. I love Austins and Real Estate there is amazing.

  16. Congratulations on making the top ten. We all know how jobs contribute to the housing market and for the local economy. We would sure like to see that kind of growth in other parts of the country. That’s great news out of Austin. Way to go Austin, keep the jobs coming.

  17. Good to hear! They were saying on the news today that even Seattle is seeing positive movement. However… they said house prices were only up 1/10 of 1%…. But at least it’s in the right direction 🙂

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  19. The U.S. private sector added 176,000 jobs from May to June while filings for unemployment insurance declined, according to data released Thursday 7-5-2012.

    The jobs gain from April to May was revised upward from the initial estimate of 133,000 jobs to 136,000 positions, according to the latest ADP National Employment Report.

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  21. Austin is definitely doing better than Wisconsin has. That’s for sure. Has the home market been picking up their lately too?

  22. Braxton, we are not doing quit as well in terms of job growth in Indianapolis, IN. I read a recent article that said we were 36th in the nation. However, we’ve had a significant drop in inventory with the recent increase in sales and currently have about 18,000 homes for sale in Indianapolis. Approximately how many homes for sale in Austin? Are you experiencing reduced inventory too?

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