March In Austin

Since it is the first day of March I thought I would list a few activities coming up. It is one of the busiest months here in Austin.

This is the grandaddy of March events. It’s actually one of the biggest events of the year. Thousands of people come in town for the interactive festival, filmfest and of course the music and parties.

St. Patrick’s Day
There are several celebrations throughout Austin for St. Patrick’s Day but Fado has always had a great event.

Spring Break
Many college students as well as high school kids and their families take a trip down to Austin during their spring break just to enjoy the city.

UIL Basketball
Both the boys and girls state basketball tournaments are played at the Frank Erwin Center during March.

March Madness
While they will not be playing in Austin this year, the NCAA basketball tournament will have a regional in San Antonio and the Final Four will be in Houston.  UT looks to make a good run this year so Austin will be filling the sports bars to follow the action.

Mardi Gras
Mardi Gras also falls around this time of year and it is not hard to find a Mardi Gras-themed event around town.

Rodeo Austin always adds to the music and festivities of March.  It also brings along a carnival and all the other fun events for kids as well as adults.

Texas Independence Day
Texas Independence Day is March 2nd.  There will be a celebration at the Capitol tomorrow as well as a parade on Saturday.  There is more information at Celebrate Texas.

28 thoughts on “March In Austin”

  1. Love the city of Austin. We went once on advice of a firend, and wow. One of the best cities in this great country of ours

  2. I love Austin and the million things there are to do there. Cute college town, capital city, and “blues festivals” every night.

    I never got to South by Southwest, but I hear it is a complete party!!

  3. Austin is really cool town. Glad to see the area doing well (at least fiscally compared to California). We have an agent in our office who is looking to relocate near Austin sometime this year.

    Someday I’m going take my bride on a trip through central Texas so she can see how beautiful it is and to check out some great BBQ.

  4. Wow Austin is really cool. Cedar City is trying to push the festivals as well. You can read about a few of our festivals on my blog. Some day we can only hope to be half as interesting as Austin.

  5. Austin seems to be one of the hot spots to go in the U.S. for the past few years. Looking forward to more interesting Austin events this Summer.

  6. I almost moved to Austin back when I lived in Dallas. Looking back, I wish I had. There are so many things to do there, and it seems especially good for young peeps. Can’t wait to visit again!

  7. I’m a college student at ASU and I went out to Austin, Texas last year for my first rodeo. I really enjoyed the city of Austin and my first rodeo. Thank you for posting March’s event schedule of Austin on your website.

  8. I attended UNT in Denton, TX and I attended functions in Austin quite often. 6th Street was awesome as a college student and the rodeos are great. Wish I would have seen the info earlier.

  9. March is the only time I usually end up near Austin due to the electrifying atmosphere – almost moved there once as well.

  10. I would love to come to Austin and I think March is a great month. The SXSW Film Festival is supposedly awesome. If March doesn’t work, what is the next best month to come?

  11. I could do with taking March off and coming to Austin for the month – just got to sell a few more homes in Orlando first!!!

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