Mystery solved – blue satellite-looking structures at Mueller to “turn-on” tomorrow

Have you ever wondered about those blue, flower-shaped structures that resemble satellite dishes along I-35?  Well, those structures near the Mueller development are Austin’s largest public art project called SunFlowers – An Electric Garden. The so-called “sunflowers” capture solar energy during the day to provide light at night. They also rely on light sensors to determine […]

Texas Real Estate Market Values up over 50% in the last year! Really?

Yep, Texas market values have risen over 50% in the last year.  In fact, they dropped slightly up until about the last month where they rose almost 60%.  Well, at least that’s what Zillow is telling me.  Take a look at their market value graph I saw this morning. This just goes to show you […]

Great Site for Austin Crime Information

I just discovered krimelabb, Austin’s citywide crime data site.  It pulls information directly from APD’s crime incidence reports.  You can research by zip code and view results as a list or graph and also on a Google map.  It is very simple and easy to use.  I will definitely be using this more often when […]

Email Exchange Regarding NAR’s Recent Decision to Back MIBOR

Recently NAR decided to back a controversial decision made by NIBOR.  It was suggested that the best way to make your voice heard was to email Cliff Niersbach, NAR’s Vice President of Board Policy & Programs.  So I did, and since some asked, I am putting the thread here with Cliff’s permission. My first email […]

2920292 carmel

Are you looking for 2920292 carmel?  Well sorry, but MIBOR and the National Association of Realtors(NAR) are making it hard to find.  Although Paula Henry can help you with this property, NAR doesn’t want people to easily find it on her site.  In fact it seems that NAR is more interested in protecting a whining […]