RANT on TREC’s Phone Service

This is mainly for other Realtors. I just want let everyone know how terrible the phone service is for TREC. It is terrible because it is non-existent. Every time I call I get a busy signal. In this day and age, it is hard to even find a busy signal anymore. But not at TREC. You are not put on hold so that you can wait until someone is available. There is no voicemail. It is absolutely ridiculous. You basically have to take your chances and try over and over again throughout the day or, in my case, a week. Luckily, the TREC office is in Austin, so I can go down there to get something done. I don’t know what agents from other cities do. TREC, please step in the next millennium.

UPDATE 2009.08.26: I had to call TREC today and actually got put on hold and then someone picked up in less than a minute.  Now if only they made the website a bit more useful, I wouldn’t need to call them.