Keep Austin Affordable! ABOR Launches New Site Informing Citizens on City’s Proposed Ordinance

In my previous post, I mentioned the City of Austin’s proposed ordinance that would require sellers to obtain a certificate of compliance before selling their home.  Well, a lot of people have questions about this issue, so The Austin Board of Realtors has launched a new site at that will hopefully answer these questions and also allow you to inform your friends and neighbors.  So go take a look at the site and please share the information.

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  1. Certificate of compliance? haha. Is Austin trying to steer people away. It’s like anything else. Not a good idea for government to step in. As the cost of selling goes up, so do the selling prices.

  2. I stumbled across this page, sadly is no longer a website! I would have been interested to see what it was about.

  3. @ Tony:
    Maybe they mean well, who knows? Maybe they want to keep tabs and records how their people and State are faring..

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