Armando Montelongo, So-called Real Estate Guru Has A Local Radio Ad – Be Wary!

Many of you may have heard a commercial on the radio recently by a guy named Armando Montelongo.  He is selling his instructional real estate materials.  He mentions that he appears on the A&E television show Flip This House. Well you should know that he is not all he is cracked up to be.  As they say, Buyer Beware!  He has been indicted right here in Travis County for Fraud and has had his own share of foreclosure troubles.

Here are a few mentions of him around the web:

Flip This Lawsuit is a site containing a lot of information regarding the Montelongos and their relationship with the show and its former cast.  This post in particular is very interesting.

Here is an article from the SA Express reagarding his indictment.