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  1. my vote for 1 option : ( Call to let them know you’re showing the property but go whether you hear back from the occupant/agent or not ) cause i am Dubai Real Estate property agent and i have 3 years experience in this filed so i think 1 option is correct

  2. Just like Susan said. I call first… then GO! No matter if they answer the phone or not. Of course i knock first and also hollar inside before i go waltzing in with my clients. Sometimes i will even check the home before i bring my clients in to double check no one is there. I would rather have it awkward for only me instead of myself and my buyers.

  3. I’d actually be kind of ticked if the results were any other way or if the other things happened regularly. Although I must say, I see mislabeled things all the time in our MLS.

  4. I call at least 3 hours or more ahead of time whenever possible and go even if I don’t hear back. However, I always ring the bell several times and announce myself when entering just in cast someone is home.

  5. I definitely think “call ahead” means they just want to be aware of who is showing up ahead of time. That way they know who’s showing the property and taking responsibility for its safety.

  6. I always call, but will always go. I do knock first, but I think sellers understand (most of the time) that their house is for sale and that agents will be coming by. If the listing agent does their job, things should go well. Sellers can take the key out, or post a note to advise agents not to enter. Otherwise, I think its fair game.

  7. I always call first and then go too. However, before I open the door I knock first and if I hear no one I will go in. Then announce “Broker” just in case before going in.

  8. i vote for option one i.e.Call to let them know you’re showing the property but go whether you hear back from the occupant/agent or not i always…call first , i call 2 hr ahead ….and to let them know about me that i m coming…and i go and show me..

  9. To me it has always meant call first but show the property whether or not I have received a call-back. If you don’t show it, you can’t sell it…plain and simple

  10. I voted and basically to me it either means the place is empty or the sellers are away. I leave a message and then show whether I hear back or not, but this backfired on me one time and the owner was very angry

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