Great Site for Austin Crime Information

I just discovered krimelabb, Austin’s citywide crime data site.  It pulls information directly from APD’s crime incidence reports.  You can research by zip code and view results as a list or graph and also on a Google map.  It is very simple and easy to use.  I will definitely be using this more often when researching crime in different neighborhoods.  It is great to see the city making this information easier to use.

13 thoughts on “Great Site for Austin Crime Information”

  1. This would actually be very easy for any city to implement, and would be a tremendous help to those considering relocating to a particular city. In many cities with bad reputations for crime, the crime is concentrated in one small area, and the rest of the city is virtually crime-free. A small investment in a tool like Austin has could conceivably increase the number of people interested in moving to a city.

  2. hey thanks for such a cool post… but i really want Austin to be a crime free city… i know its hard but you can think whatever you want… but believe me i got my car stolen from my garage past week…. and there’s not any clue of it till now…

  3. That is a really great site. I wish that the City of Clermont or Minneola (Florida) would do something like that.

  4. Rick, I hope you realize you’re being unrealistic in expecting any city, town or village to be crime-free. As long as there’s a demand for drugs–whether in the ghettos or the suburbs–gang bangers will travel to meet that demand.

    At least the krimelabb system lets you know what to expect before moving into an area.

  5. Wow! Krimelabb sounds so cool. I wish Manitowoc, WI would have a nice system like this for Realtors and citizens to aid in any research of neighborhoods. We can this system be purchased for cities so I could forward on the information to the correct person?

  6. This is great information to share with clients. Using these types of site you can show a client how a certain area of town is rated for crime. I wish there was a site that would use data for all of Travis county or even Williamson county.

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